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The Care Group specializes in urine drug testing, oral fluid testing, upper respiratory pathogen testing, and gastrointestinal pathogen testing that provides faster results, leading to faster treatment and recovery.  We are constantly adding new and innovative services.


Accurate information means you can properly diagnose. Factual diagnosing means better individualized care.

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Responsible prescribing can save lives and UDT helps you make informed treatment decisions.

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Your job as a healthcare provider is getting harder, while liability is increasing. 80% of doctors admit to “defensive practicing.”

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Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance patient care by providing the results needed to practice with confidence.

The Care Group Offers Multiple Diagnostic Services

We specialize in developing responsive medical marketing solutions designed specifically to meet the unique demands and goals of businesses in the healthcare industry. We employ careful planning and impeccable attention to detail in everything we do. You may always count on high-quality, high-impact, effective solutions from The Care Group.



Urine Toxicology

We utilize  LC-MS/MS technology to ensure precise results distinguishing  indivual drugs. Our comprehensive test list allows you to choose more than 95 drugs and metabolites for prescription medications and illicit substances. With this effective personalized test selection that enhances medical decisions based on necessity. Conveniently manage results online while monitoring patient medication adherence. It is also beneficial for screening drug to drug interactions


oral fluid

Oral Fluid

Oral fluid testing has the ability to detect drug use within the first few hours. This is a window of time that is omitted by urine test results. In some cases, it will return a positive result immediately after usage. This, with its ability to detect most drugs from 1 to 4 days after last use, makes it the best testing method for both impairment and post-accident testing. The early detection time is also very useful in dosage monitoring.


Upper Respiratory

pathogen testing

Upper Respiratory Pathogen Test

Medical   technology   is   constantly   improving   and The  CARE  Group  leads  the  industry  by  operating  on  the   cutting   edge,   providing   your   medical   practice with  unparalleled  clinical  diagnostic  testing  that  is expedient  and  comprehensive  in  its  scope.  The CARE Group Respiratory Panel Testing utilizes Multiplex PCR technology to test for 17 viruses and 3 bacteria, the most comprehensive  panel  test  for  respiratory  pathogens available  with  previously  unmatched  speed  of  results and confirmation of accuracy. The CARE Group  is proud to  be  one  of  the  few  labs  in  America  to  provide  your  patients with this exclusive testing method.


gi pathogen


GI Pathogen Testing

Quickly identify the correct pathogen to ensure appropriate treatment, patient management and help decrease infectious gastroenteritis which can lead to severe illness or death.


The Gastrointestinal (GI) Panel tests for a comprehensive panel of 22 viruses, bacteria and parasites that cause infectious diarrhea. Our testing integrates sample preparation, amplification, detection and analysis into one simple system that requires two minutes of hands on time and has a total run time of about an hour.


topical pain


Topical Pain Treatment

Not all pain relievers are taken by mouth. When your joints are painful or your muscles ache, topical pain killers -- those you apply to your skin -- may offer relief. Here at The CARE Group, it is yet another service we provide.


The CARE Group offers some of the best topical pain treatments out there.




The CARE Group offers a program designed to get patients the durable medical equipment they need. We specialize in chronic pain equipment designed to eliminate pain in all areas of the body.


We offer exceptional products that focus on arthritis and pain relief, injury prevention, and sports injury rehabilitation. You can also turn to our Injury Info Center where you’ll learn all about common injuries. Check out our products section to see what braces, supports, and therapy products our team of Brace Experts recommend for you.



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