about us

There are other companies that do what we do, but not the way we do it. We’ve set the standard high with industry leading training, standards, code of ethics, and growth. This is a company specifically designed to produce results with the patient in mind, starting with and stemming from the name CARE. The goal was to create a company that benefited all moving parts, was relationship centered, and improved the all around quality of life for everyone through the science of toxicology.


The CARE group is a medical marketing and research company positively changing the way healthcare professionals diagnose and treat. We connect the dots between physicians, laboratories, pharmacies and patients with solutions to improve efficiency, data to properly diagnose, and overall care. Healthcare is ever changing, and The CARE group helps practices grow with those changes. Laws and regulations are some of those changes, especially in areas of pain management and personalized medicine. The CARE group specializes in urine drug testing (UDT), and upper respiratory swabs that provide faster results than previous turn around times resulting in faster treatment and recovery.


What the CARE group offers are solutions to decreased liability for physicians and practices by helping to prevent adverse events and interactions including overdose and possibly death, increase effectiveness of treatments through monitoring, factually and accurately know patient information before treatment begins, build patient and physician accountability and trust.